Don’t want to spoil a fortune? Surely this should not become an obstacle for you and your company to travel! We have the solution you are looking for and the following tips, perhaps, will help you a little in managing your money and making your trip economical.

  • Share the cost of food

If you’ve chosen to go on that trip you’ve wanted for a while, it’s important to always split the cost of your food either at a supermarket or a restaurant, because otherwise you’ll end up out of budget.

  • Get around with media

Another solution to save a lot of money, you and your friends, is to travel by public transport. This will be more economical than renting a car, which will constantly need gas, rental money, tolls, or a taxi that will surely make you waste most of your money. I know the train and the bus.. they are more tiring in transport but that’s the only way you will win financially.

  • Stay in an apartment, not a hotel

Hotels as we all know are more expensive than an apartment! So, you and your group prefer an apartment, as the evening will be more economical. You can also suggest booking in a good hostel. Don’t be intimidated by this at all, because there are many options to find somewhere nice and clean as long as you search well, so that where you will stay you will feel comfortable throughout your stay there. This way, you will save a lot of money and you will be able to comfortably travel with your friends if you tell them everything you have in mind.

  • Don’t waste your money

It is important before and after the trip that you don’t waste your money on things you don’t really need. What I mean; Do you take coffee out every day? Save a little a few days before the trip and make a coffee at home, you will definitely have. Save as much money as you can and don’t waste it unnecessarily.

  • Calculate your daily budget

It is very important that you and your friends know how much money you can spend per day. It’s a shame not to calculate these as you’ll end up breaking more than you thought, getting charged on cards etc and you certainly wouldn’t want that. So think about how much everyone can spend, agree on it, so that everyone can follow along everywhere, and be okay with the agreements you will have made with each other from the beginning.