A Fazenda 15: Lucas Souza, Márcia Fu and Sander Mecca are on the farm; vote in the poll


Lucas Souza, Márcia Fu and Sander Mecca are on the farm and are competing to stay at A Fazenda 15 (Record). One of the three participants will be another one of those eliminated from the current edition of the reality show and will leave the competition this Thursday (16). Jaquelline Grohalski won the farmer’s test and saved herself from the spotlight.

Jaquelline Grohalski, Lucas Souza and Sander Mecca were nominated in the vote this Tuesday (14) and faced each other in the challenge of the day. Márcia was already on the farm as she had been nominated in a special Power of the Flame dynamic.

In the farmer’s test, held this Wednesday (15), the trio needed skill, a lot of memory and a little luck. They needed to see images on a screen and, when they hit the corresponding pair on another table, they had the right to activate a lever on the opponent’s table. When they got the key right, the pawn lost a life. Whoever had a positive point at the end of the contest was declared the winner.

Sander was the first eliminated from the race and, in the second stage, Lucas and Jaquelline faced each other again. The two players equalized towards the end. After several rounds, the influencer prevailed and won the competition.

The farmer of the week will have the right to send a farm hand directly to the field in the formation of the next hot seat. The official vote for the country is carried out on the R7 website, and asks the viewer to choose who they want to follow in the reality show.

Source: Folha

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