Every evening at 17.30 in the kitchen of “My mum cooks better than yours”, cooking meets fun. But today he also meets acting, since the couple who will compete against the previous winners Christianna and Irini is the actor Aris Tsapis and his wife Irini.

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Christianna and Irene despite the tough competition, they managed in the previous episode to get a positive review from Hector and so they enter the kitchen for the third time. Today they are making “chicken with quinoa salad”. But this time the pressure is great and mistakes are inevitable. Will Hector be happy with the final result?

Mars and Peace, who is into TikTok, happily enter the kitchen and talk about how they met and got married. Aris will attract attention not only with his acting skills but also with his… dancing skills. Will his cooking be good enough for the ‘asparagus breaded tongues’ to catch Hector’s attention?

my mum

Markos Seferlis and Hector Botrini they try both dishes. Marcos just eats, but Hector has to decide which of the two is better and worth the 1,000 euros

my mum