A Fazenda 15: Cezar Black says he regrets joining the reality show and promises: ‘Never again’


The elimination of Alicia X in the tenth round of A Fazenda 15 affected Cezar Black. The pawn did not accept his ally’s departure from the game and does not accept the favoritism of the trio from the Por do Sol group, which he says is evident in the reality show. The ex-BBB star (participated in the 23rd edition of the show on Globo) expressed regret for having joined the program and said he does not intend to participate in any more programs of the kind.

In a conversation with Kally Fonseca in the early hours of this Friday (24), Black took stock. “It’s disheartening to see what’s happening. It makes me question how much energy I spend on positioning myself and being true to the game”, he began lamenting to the forró singer.

He continued: “I’m starting to question myself if my game is what Brazil wants to see… What did I do here, if I had done half of it in the other reality show? [BBB], it was either canceled or right on tape. We don’t know what the public is expecting,” he explained. “The three of them will end up in the final: André Gonçalves, Jaquelline and Márcia Fu. I can already see it. Dude, I’ll never participate in a reality show again in my life!”

Hours later, Black cried a lot after recording “Hora do Faro”. As soon as the cameras returned with images of the house, the pawn appeared hiding under the covers. Alongside him, Paiol group allies Shayan Haghbin and Radamés Furlan tried to support him. “Don’t let people walk all over you,” Shayan said.

None of the workers detailed what happened in the recording to make the ex-BBB cry. However, earlier, Lucas Souza announced that he would participate in the program. He quit the reality show on Wednesday (11/22) after being attacked by Cezar Black with allegations about his marriage to Jojo Todynho.

Source: Folha

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