After an interview with Ana Hickmann, lawyer says that Alexandre Correa suffers ‘obsessive persecution’ by her


One day after Ana Hickmann’s interview with Domingo Espetacular (Record), Alexandre Correa says he is calm regarding the accusations of fraud, financial embezzlement and ideological falsehood made by her. The businessman states that he will await the “next chapters of the public exposure” of his now ex-wife and that he is not aware of an investigation regarding their assets. He also claims to be the victim of “obsessive persecution”.

In conversation with F5 This Monday (27), the businessman’s lawyer, Enio Martins Murad, highlighted that his client is a managing partner of the company Hickmann Serviços Ltda. and that he has legal powers to sign checks and documents. “All companies in Brazil are going through difficulties, and Ana Hickmann shows immaturity in dealing with the issue. She is in an obsessive pursuit of destroying her husband’s image”, says Murad.

With a document sent to the reporter, he justifies that Ana and Alexandre are married under partial property regime. “Everything is 50%. The whole problem is that she doesn’t know how to deal with the financial crisis. She wants to avoid mistakes by placing everything on my client’s responsibility”, he comments. “Alexandre sees all this public exposure as an act of cowardice and will wait to speak out.”

O F5 she contacted Ana Hickmann about being called “immature” and that she was in “persecution” of her ex-husband. In a statement, the presenter’s advisor said: “We have nothing to add, beyond the information provided by Ana Hickmann in an interview for Domingo Espetacular, last Sunday (26), on Record TV. The other questions are under judicial secrecy.”

During the interview, Ana said that, in addition to the physical violence suffered on November 11th and all the psychological violence throughout the relationship (which lasted 25 years), she had also been a victim of property violence. The presenter insinuated that her ex-husband destroyed her assets and accused him of forging signatures.

“There is a major investigation into fraud, embezzlement, misrepresentation. I can’t give details yet,” explained Hickmann. “I found documents, checks and legal and illegal transactions with signatures that I am sure are not mine”, concluded the presenter.

Source: Folha

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