A Fazenda 15: WL Guimarães wins the fire test


WL Guimarães won this week’s A Fazenda 15 fire test. As shown this Monday (27), the influencer defeated the duos led by Shayan and Nadja Pessoa in the challenge of the day and was left with the powers of the lamp in the next field. The pair went straight to the stall and ended up pulling Radamés Furlan and André Gonçalves, respectively, to the headquarters’ external dormitory.

Before the test began, Radamés, Lily and Nadja were drawn. However, the first two exchanged their shares, respectively, with Shay and WL. Thus, the pairs were Shayan and Radamés; WL and Yuri; and Nadja and André. As in recent weeks, the losing pairs formed the Baia of the week.

The fire test of the week was taken from A Fazenda 12, and was a type of dynamic basketball, in which participants were hung from chairs and had to make baskets. The first to score five times won.

In the end, WL prevailed and won power of the week, while rivals Shay, Radamés, Nadja and André went to Baia.

As stated by Galisteu, this week’s Orange Power has already been elected by the public and the chosen pawn, during the farm this Tuesday (28), will be able to “multiply by two the total votes received by a pawn”.

The power of the White Flame will be revealed live this Tuesday, during the vote. The farmer of the week, Cezar Black, will send one of the pawns directly into the spotlight.

Source: Folha

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