America Ferreracomedy star “Ugly Betty” and in this year’s big movie success “Barbie” she is the first and only actress of Latin American descent to win an Emmy.

While enjoying an incredible career full of opportunities that I have fought hard for and worked hard for,” tells BBC 100 Women, “I know the reality in this industry is that it’s as difficult today as it was 16 years ago for artists of Latin American descent, or even 22 years ago when I started».

They are the largest minority group in the US, making up about 20% of the population. But that hasn’t translated into representation on the big and small screens, reports Ferrera.

She explained that her almost fairy tale story has no relation to what she knows to be the reality for the vast majority of people in the same community.

Born in California to Honduran immigrant parents, America Ferrera says she grew up “believing in the American dream” and that her parents encouraged her to take advantage of every opportunity to get a proper education.

The truth is that so many and many of our underrepresented communities are still struggling to be seen and seen” emphasizes the actress.