When pianist and cabaret artist David Bowie and Bangles sing


Internationally acclaimed countertenor Anthony Roth Constanzo and cabaret artist Justin Vivian Bond are best known for creating Kiki DuRane “an alcoholic and tyrannical language taken over the years, with a throat full of razor blades”. They recently released an album entitled “Only An Octave Apart” to explore the depths – or, did they explore? – inside them.

As the two artists state in a recent show at the Lincoln Center, with the New York Philharmonic at Jazz, “each of us’s sound is different from what you would expect when you see us. The confrontation of our voices, our personalities, our repertoire undermines the concepts “high” http://www. / “low” both in terms of tone and in terms of cultural scale or degrees of sophistication – let not refer to our difference in height “.

Listening to the album, anyone who believes that David Bowie and Freddie Mercury threw everything into the stratosphere when they joined forces in “Under Pressure” can only hear the performance of Constanzo and Bond.

“Only An Octave Apart” has other surprises in store and is available in its entirety on YouTube

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