Ana Hickmann says that the mother of her son’s classmate was also attacked: ‘Shame’


Record aired last Sunday (3) an unpublished excerpt from the interview given by Ana Hickmann, 42, for Domingo Espetacular, shown the weekend before last. Ana revealed that a mother of one of her son’s classmates at school also reported that she was attacked by her partner.

The former model stated that many women started looking for her on social media or in person to ask for help, because none of them have the courage to report it for various reasons.

“A mother from my son’s school hugged me and told me the following: ‘You represented me when you went to that police station. I was escorted with my son, all injured. And I couldn’t take the complaint forward, because I’m still financially dependent on from my ex-husband. When you did that, you gave me courage. Because we don’t need that anymore'”, reported Ana.

“Many other mothers came to talk to me. I realized that I became an example, of being courageous and saying that no one needs to go through what I did”, said the commander of Hoje em Dia emotionally.

Ana also commented on her son, who is just 8 years old. She states that she wants to see him as a good human being and that she has done everything she has done in the last few weeks to set good examples for him.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I want to teach and set good examples for my boy so he can be a different man. That’s my mission as a mother. That’s why I did all this,” she added.

Source: Folha

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