Astrid Fontenelle says adoption ended her marriage: ‘I wanted it, he didn’t’


Astrid Fontenelle always gets emotional when talking about the adoption of Gabriel, 15. The presenter decided to become a mother and what would have been a joyful process ended up bringing some suffering: the end of her marriage to businessman Marcelo Checon. The two were together between 2001 and 2008.

“The separation was shit because it happened overnight. I mean, it never happens overnight. Everything was going smoothly, that sex was no longer crazy and the determining factor was that I didn’t see sparkle in his eyes when we talked about adoption”, began the presenter.

She then continued her account during Theorapia videocast interview. “Marcelo was participating, he was a partner, but I didn’t see the sparkle in his eyes. [dele pela adoção]as I saw him agreeing with his friend to buy one of these phenomenal cars, and he already had three cars in the garage”.

Astrid, who will leave command of Saia Justa (GNT), also said that she remained firm in her decision to become a mother. She also said that the divorce request did not affect their friendship. “I told him: ‘if you mess with me, betray me because of the adoption, then it will be bad. So, while things are good, it’s better to stop, be friends’. We slept hugging each other and he left the house the next day.”

Two years after the separation, she married businessman Fausto Franco. They’ve been together for 13 years and Astrid said she’s in the best moment of her life: “I’m in the best moment of my life, married to a man from Bahia, a good person, affectionate, who has his financial independence, intelligent, who reads the newspaper, likes to read book. I have a son. This guy was his son’s path. He was the one who one day turned around and said ‘what if you were to look for [filho para adotar] in Bahia?'”.

Source: Folha

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