Friends again? Ana Hickmann shares Adriane Galisteu’s audio after years of fighting


Ana Hickmann shared this Wednesday (6) an audio by Adriane Galisteu about confidence and self-love. The post was seen (and celebrated) by fans of the presenter of Hoje em Dia, on Record, as a sign that the two are back on good terms after years of fighting. In the caption, Hickmann also sent a kiss to his broadcast colleague who runs A Fazenda 15.

In the audio, Galisteu says he does not accept being called a “more or less” person. “I’d rather you love me or hate me than think I’m ‘whatever’. I’m not ‘whatever’, I never will be and I don’t want to be. I fight not to be.” Hickmann used the reproduction to reinforce that he is going through a period of reconstruction after the announcement of the end of his 25-year marriage with businessman Alexandre Correa. The two separated because of an episode of domestic violence on November 11th.

Hickmann and Galisteu had been fighting since 2012, when the holder of A Fazenda said live on Much Mais, its now-defunct gossip program, that Ana would become a much better person if she were a mother. The phrase reached the Hoje em Dia presenter’s ears with a critical tone, and Alexandre decided to express his satisfaction publicly.

Soon after, Galisteu gave an interview to Veja and commented on Correa’s aggressiveness, already known behind the scenes at Record: “I’m starting to get scared of him. The way he screams, he’s capable of hitting me”, he said at the time. Alexandre didn’t like it and came even harder against Adriane.

“Before she talks about my bad education, she should be woman enough and assume her true sexual options [sic]. And that she understood that she only has a place in the sun because a national idol passed away and she was lucky enough to be the bride of this fantastic and unique national idol”, quoting the driver Ayrton Senna (1960-1994). “She needed to stop playing in my name and Ana Hickmann’s and stop making that rehearsed and fake smile of hers, because she is horrible at taking photos. It photographs very poorly,” she concluded.

Source: Folha

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