A Fazenda 15: Nadja Pessoa complains about Adriane Galisteu: ‘She doesn’t know how to be neutral’


Nadja Pessoa is in the eleventh field of A Fazenda 15 and the disappointment of not having won the farmer’s test has left her angry. After complaining about her confinement colleagues, she criticized Adriane Galisteu alone in the headquarters room. The influencer disapproved of the program presenter’s stance during the dynamic and pointed out an alleged bias.

“Wow, how Adriane Galisteu doesn’t know how to show that she doesn’t have a favorite. That’s terrible. She doesn’t know how to be neutral. If I were a presenter, I would be very neutral. What an ugly thing! But I’ve seen this other times on Twitter, which she [Adriane] He doesn’t know how to be neutral”, she said, while changing her clothes.

Nadja did not say the name of Galisteu’s likely favorite, but the complaint happened after the program’s live broadcast, when Jaquelline Grohalski won the Tonzão Chagas farmer’s hat. The ex-BBB won the race and made the field official with Nadja, Yuri Meirelles and Cezar Black.

She even threatened a participant if he continued in the game after the elimination this Thursday (7): “Let me come back from this field so he can see! It’s chipped! It’s damned if I come back! He put me in the field”, she said referring to Radamés Furlan to Márcia Fu. The former volleyball player tried to calm her down after the result of the dynamic. “Breathe, Nadja. I told you! You can’t keep absorbing everything,” she added.

Source: Folha

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