Claudia Leitte releases music and is accused of plagiarism by fans of the independent singer


Claudia Leitte released a song on “The Voice Brasil”. The program, recorded a few weeks ago, aired this Thursday (7) and as soon as “Liquitiqui” hit social media, the former Babado Novo singer was accused of plagiarism. Fans of independent singer Bea Duarte pointed out supposed similarities between the song and the track “Lilith”, by the artist, who was a judge on Record’s “Canta Comigo Teen”.

Given the negative repercussions of the episode involving businessman Márcio Pedreira’s wife, Bea recorded a video comparing the two songs. “It’s a very complex topic and I already know that Claudia Leitte is only part of the remix”, she began, asking for a truce from the followers of the “Largadinho” singer.

She then continued: “Calm down, Milk fans. You also don’t need to attack me just because there are, yes, similarities. I don’t even know how to absorb this information yet and I’m only speaking out because the subject has become a battlefield “, he commented.

Bea explained that her song is from 2021 while Claudia’s (composed by her, Jay Perry, Kess Dieffenthaller, Michael Brun and Neel Dwalla) is from June 3, 2022. “I don’t know what to think about it yet and I’m in mental breakdown. She reinforced that the Brazilian doesn’t know what happened. “I’m afraid to take a stand and say anything at this point in the championship”, she added.

Wanted by F5, Claudia Leite’s office called the accusation of plagiarism “unfounded” in a statement: “The singer’s office informs that the song ‘Liquitiqui’ has an absolutely different melodic construction and composition, which does not justify the unfounded accusation of plagiarism.”

Source: Folha

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