Ana Hickmann sees demand for brands interested in advertising increase after case of violence


Gabriel Vaquer

In recent weeks, Ana Hickmann has observed a growing demand for brands with commercial proposals for advertising on social networks. After the episode of domestic violence that became public in November, the presenter has been seen as an example of resilience, and companies think that having her in their advertisements can bring them closer to the female audience.

At least three brands carried out recent surveys, wanting to talk about the subject and close advertising contracts with the Record star. One was a food company, which wanted to link year-end messages to its image.

As the Record presenter changed the team that takes care of her career and no longer has ties with Alexandre Correa, her ex-husband and also ex-manager, the conversations have not yet progressed because everything is still being studied sparingly by the new team. The expectation is that Ana will be able to gradually resume her good financial performance, without Correa’s management, who is considered the biggest culprit for the financial problems.

Last Thursday (7), Hickmann made a post on his Instagram profile in which he announced the hiring of the investment and consultancy company of Bolsonaro’s former economy minister, Paulo Guedes, Legend Invest. In addition to Guedes, Roberto Justus and Daniella Marques, former president of Caixa Econômica Federal, as members of the finance company’s technical staff.

“I started looking for information, numbers and statistics about how women deal with a series of things at home and within companies,” said the presenter. “We think that as a woman we won’t be able to handle it, that we won’t have the same strength or reasoning. But we think that because one day someone told us that.”

Furthermore, Plataforma Oceano, of which Ana was already a partner, will take care of the presenter’s image, contracts and press office from now on.

Source: Folha

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