Yes, we know: Every time the holidays come around we have those “conscientious objectors” who grumble about everything about Christmas: The presents, the excessive, inexplicable joy and the lavish decorations. They claim they won’t go into the process of “hanging trinkets on a green fake plant”, mocking at every opportunity all the rituals that accompany this festive time of year.

If you belong to this category of people, I look you straight in the eye and ask you: Aren’t you even a little bit jealous of the magic and beauty that Christmas decorations and lights so generously provide? And because I know that they move you – even if you don’t admit it – I have some ideas for you to become part of this magic, without “stepping” on your principles.

  • Make a tree outline on the wall

You can use garlands or even better a string of lights to form the outline of a tree on one wall of your home.

  • Create a cleverly decorated wall tree

If you can’t handle a lot of decorations, but want more than a simple border, create a smart wall tree with a few decorations. He preferred light and less fragile ornaments for obvious reasons.

  • Add a glam dimension with a metallic Christmas tree

A metal tree is primarily more durable than a traditional Christmas tree. Also, its finish, color and sparkle can be enough to be considered a Christmas decoration, so you won’t need to add anything!

  • “Dress up” an alternative plant

You will certainly make a difference if, instead of the traditional fir tree, you choose to decorate your favorite cactus for example. Prefer plants that do not need much care and water, as this will not go well with the Christmas decorations. And, of course, if you choose the cactus, watch out for accidents.

  • Decorate a Christmas tree

Use a long rod and a garland to easily and quickly create a Christmas decoration reminiscent of the branches of a Christmas tree. Choose some decorations and lights and spread it out as much as you like.

  • Add a touch of rustic with a wooden tree

For a rustic look, choose a wooden tree and decorate it as is or by sprinkling it with pops of color or whatever decoration takes your fancy. The result will definitely be unique.

  • Prefer the wreath

The same ornaments that go on the tree can also adorn a Christmas wreath. Lights, pine cones, ribbons and small balls create a bright and at the same time traditional Christmas feeling.

  • Decorate small trees

Choose a shelf or a space where the Christmas forest will be created. You can use miniature decorative trees with the same textures, colors and materials, or take a more maximalist approach, containing a little bit of everything.

  • Add fragrance by choosing rosemary

Have you imagined the rosemary plant “dressed up” with Christmas decorations? And yet, this solution will help you get off the beaten path, and also give your home a wonderful aroma. Plus you will add a decoration to your space that you can keep even after the holidays.

  • Draw pine cones

Collect some of the pine cones that you will find scattered everywhere, clean them of any debris and color them, creating an alternative and at the same time impressive Christmas decoration. You can place them in a basket or a glass jar.

  • Create a delightful pile of ornaments

Gather the Christmas decorations you have at your disposal and start “building” a composition of your liking with them. This decoration gives you complete freedom: You can use whatever you like, giving it any shape you wish.

The Christmas season and all its activities are full of tradition, routine and annual expectations. Since you’re obviously not a fan of these practices, you created something unconventional. You never know, you might inspire others and start a new trend!