BBB 22: Jade’s reaction to Arthur’s permanence goes viral and gets memes


The wall that resulted in the elimination of Naiara Azevedo this Tuesday night (8) was widely commented on social networks. With only 3% of the votes, Arthur Aguiar was far from leaving Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo), and Tadeu Schmidt made a point of saying that right at the beginning of his speech.

Behold, the reaction of the leader Jade Picon, responsible for the nomination of Arthur and convinced that he would have made the right choice, was the moment most awaited by viewers and of course, did not escape the creative memes made by Internet users.

“I’ll start by being straight and straight. Arthur, you didn’t even come close to leaving,” said the reality show host. At this exact moment the camera was directed towards Jade, who sketched a restrained expression, however disappointed.

When the permanence of Douglas Silvas (38%) came to light, Jade was shocked and couldn’t contain the faces and mouths. Who was also surprised by the fact that Arthur was the least voted was Maria, with whom the actor has an enmity inside the house.​

At various times Jade stated that she believed in her choice as leader. Even in her nomination speech made last Sunday (6), the influencer said that her vote could change the course of the game and bring answers to what the public was thinking. “I think he’s there because that’s what I said. Being a leader is a chance to change the game, but it has to be a sure shot”, she told Laís and Bárbara.

When questioned by Arthur Aguiar himself in the discord game on Monday, Jade Picon reinforced her strategic objective and said: “If you stay, we’ll talk, if not, we’ll talk outside”. Sister’s positioning caused discomfort both in the house and out here with viewers.

The influencer’s brother, who is also a public person, Leo Picon, 25, said he did not agree with the attitudes taken by Jade and in his opinion she was influenced by the other participants in the house.

“He [Arthur Aguiar] she didn’t do anything, what happened was Laís and Bárbara in her ear all the time. They left Jade confused”, wrote an internet user. And in response, Picon agreed. “Yes.. that’s what I said back there. The companies, however original, strong and uninfluenceable you are, they shape you. I didn’t enjoy Jade’s game this week and that had a lot of influence from the companies”.

With the public’s approval up to date, Arthur Aguiar is appointed as one of the favorites to reach the final of the reality show. Willing to play and without running away from the intrigues, the actor goes a little against the “BBB of love”.

Viewers were amused by Jade’s reaction to discovering that her game view towards Arthur doesn’t live up to their expectations. “Jade Picon’s despair face looking like she saw Karl Marx rise from the grave,” commented one netizen. “It was impeccable,” shared another person.

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