Alexandre Correa, Ana Hickmann’s ex, has his request for suspension of debt executions denied


Ana Hickmann’s ex-husband, businessman Alexandre Correa suffered a defeat in court after filing a lawsuit requesting a 60-day suspension of creditors’ debt executions against a company he has a partnership with the presenter.

According to a document obtained by F5 with the Court of Justice of São Paulo, judge Maria Rita Rebello Pinho Dias dismissed a series of requests from the businessman, accused of domestic assault.

Among the negatives are requests for a 50% reduction in employee salaries, third-party services and the monthly withdrawal of partners; the release of bank accounts and seized properties and the suspension of charges. Furthermore, Alexandre may still have to pay the costs of the process if he does not deliver the documentation requested by the judge.

When contacted, the lawyers and Alexandre did not respond. The team that takes care of Ana Hickmann’s legal side does not comment on the case.

Correa’s defense alleges in the action that, if the suspension were accepted, it would intend to “file a judicial recovery action” to avoid the bankruptcy of “what has always been a prosperous company.”

It also states that the strategy follows the example of “several large brands and franchises that closed their doors in Brazil after the start of the current government [de Lula] and the crisis that is ravaging the world”, citing the wars in Ukraine and between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas.

On the 13th, the São Paulo Court had already determined that one of Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Correa’s debts with a bank would be paid within three days. The decision determined that if the established time was not met, the couple would have their assets seized.

The debt is R$1,683,771.22 with Bradesco bank. In addition to the debt, they would also have to pay court costs and legal fees. In case of full payment on time, the amount of legal fees could be reduced by half.

In another imbroglio, Ice Comunicação, based in São Paulo, filed a lawsuit against Ana Hickmann and her ex-husband and accuses them of not paying a loan made to Hickmann Serviços Ltda., owned by the ex-couple, in the last Month of September.

O F5 had access to documents from the case, which is being heard in the 33rd Civil Court of the TJ-SP (Court of Justice of São Paulo). In total, Ice is asking for R$5.5 million, plus interest and monetary correction.

On November 11, Ana Hickmann reported Correa for bodily harm and domestic violence. Since then, the two have broken off their relationship.

The presenter stated that she had also been a victim of property violence. In an interview with Record’s Domingo Espetacular program, Ana insinuated that her ex-husband destroyed her assets and accused him of forging signatures.

“There is a major investigation into fraud, embezzlement, misrepresentation. I can’t give details yet,” she said. The businessman denies the accusations and had a request to suspend this investigation denied last week.

Ana also said that the couple and the company had debts and that this was one of the reasons for the fight between them.

Source: Folha

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