Eva Longoria is honored by the Ruderman Family Foundation for her continued dedication to supporting people with disabilities.

The actress, director, producer, entrepreneur is being awarded the 2023 Morton E. Ruderman Inclusion Award by the foundation that for more than two decades has supported and promoted the inclusion of people with disabilities throughout society.

Longoria is being honored for her work with Eva’s Heroes, a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 focused on enriching the lives of people living with intellectual disabilities through unique recreation and socialization experiences. The organization offers an inclusive environment for teenagers and adults based on four principles: interaction, growth, love and learning.

The Golden Globe nominee has spoken publicly about the personal impact her older sister Lisa – born with an intellectual disability – has had on her life and has been honored for her work around autism awareness in 2019 with the HollyRod Humanitarian Award.

Eva Longoria represents our foundation’s commitment to advancing the inclusion of people with disabilities — not only because of her tireless work on the issue but because the mission is very personal to her.said Jay Ruderman, president of the foundation.