In today’s concept, the My Style Rocks contestants had to wear Christmas elements. There was a lot of tension over whether the contestants were into it.

The one who chose something special and got the highest score was Georgia.

In fact, her teammates did not give Georgia a high rating, a fact that Dimitris Skoulos commented on. “I expected a higher grade from the girls,” he said characteristically.

Sofia Hatzipanteli was delighted with Amanda’s underwear-shorts, which she said took her 6 hours to make.

Apollyon judged Amanda by telling her that she does not like what she wears, but only likes it as a creation. “Would she prefer me naked,” she wondered.

At the time of Dionysia’s criticism, Apollon judged her and said why they fell straight to eating her.

The feud continued at the time of Apollyon’s criticism with Amanda. “You’re trying to find something negative,” said Apollyon. “You are not the core of the world,” Amanda replied.

Stelios Koudounaris did not like Apolleon’s appearance and said: “You are the only one in whom I do not “see” Christmas.”

Great tension and disagreement also arose between Dionysia and Mortasia over whether Mortasia is wearing Christmas ornaments.

See the judges’ catwalk:

Check out the girls’ catwalk: