Leticia Spiller poses nude at age 50 and comments on the end of her marriage: ‘Cycles end’


2023 was a year of changes for Leticia Spiller. She starred in series, films, launched a clothing brand and ended her seven-year relationship with Uruguayan musician Pablo Vares. In the final stretch of the year, the actress posed nude in a photo shoot carried out by Mari Patriota and was the first woman participating in the photographer’s new project.

In an interview with Vogue she said she was happy and flattered with her participation. “There is a care, a beauty in this portrait. I think it’s beautiful to undress when we’re talking about art”, she said. She also said that, now 50 years old, “the thirst for life comes without that anxiety of 20”.

He spoke to the magazine about the end of his marriage. Spiller and Vares met behind the scenes of the play “Dorotéia”, by Jorge Farjalla, and had lived together since 2017. He is 16 years younger than her. “We are living in a new moment. Cycles end, love transforms. We love each other, we respect each other and we will continue like this”, said the actress.

The project “No Off – Who are you behind the cameras”, by Mari Patriota, aims, in the photographer’s words, “to invite these influential figures to abandon their personas, seeking to capture what goes beyond them: authentic individuals, with their own real beauty.”

When sharing some of the photos from the shoot on her Instagram account, the photographer said that having Leticia as the first woman participating in this project was “great”.

“A mature, sensitive, strong and fun woman. I always knew our meeting would be incredible. But it was a real meeting of two women with the same issues who go through the same situations. And because of this truth, this meeting went further”, commented Patriota .

Leticia Spiller is the mother of Pedro Novaes, 26, and Stella Loureiro, 12.

For next year, the actress has plans to produce more films, shows and works, and said she has new projects in progress, “some new things that are really cool.” “I’m happy with the career I’ve built over these years. And I want to stay active, because I love what I do,” she told Vogue.

Source: Folha

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