BBB 24: Wanessa Camargo, singer, is confirmed in the reality show


Gustavo Luiz

Wanessa Camargo, 41, is confirmed in the BBB 24 box. The announcement was made this Friday (5), on Globo’s programming. The celebrity’s name was one of the most speculated to be part of the cast of the reality show that premieres next Monday (8).


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The eldest daughter of Zezé Di Camargo and Zilu Godói, the singer was born in Goiânia and began her musical career in 2000. The following year, she debuted on the big screen in the film “Xuxa e os Duendes”, playing Fada Mel.

Wanessa recorded one of her most famous songs “Tudo Que Você Sonhar” for the same film. After her rise to stardom, her image was everywhere, from the covers of school notebooks to magazines at the beginning of the millennium. Despite the joys in the profession, she says that she learned early on to deal with criticism and comparisons: “Through the experience, I prepared myself and created a shell”

In 2023, the celebrity was involved in at least two controversies, the first was a crisis between her fans and those of the singer Anitta, 30. Wanessa, who says “she is the first popular Brazilian artist to do a reggaeton in Portuguese”, had to intervene in the conflict to emphasize that encouraging female competition is not their goal. On the occasion, she took the opportunity to praise her professional colleague.

The second conflict involving the sister was family. After a fight between her mother, Zilu, and her father’s current wife, Graciele Lacerda, the Camargo clan spent Christmas apart.

Wanessa reveals that she likes to challenge herself, participate in games and work as a team. When it comes to household chores, she says that she knows how to wash dishes like no one else and that she has a strong sense of organization, but adds that she doesn’t have any skills in the kitchen.

Source: Folha

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