BBB 24: Influencers visit home and show bathroom with camera and unfinished sink


Digital influencers got a taste of what it would be like to participate in BBB 24. This Saturday morning (6), content creators from TikTok and Instagram participated in “Espiadinha BBB” and revealed details that, as one of the catchphrases of the reality show itself says, “Globo doesn’t show it”.

They were invited by the broadcaster to visit the house, interact with Tadeu Schmidt in the confessional and participate in games and tests. Unlike the journalists who visited the house last Thursday (4), the influencers were able to enter with their cell phones — and made a point of recording all the details.

One of the biggest shocks for visitors was the cameras inside the bathroom. Rafael Uccman took photos and videos of the bathroom, making fun. With the repercussion of the bathrooms, ex-BBB Gil do Vigor used Twitter to comment on the lack of privacy. “After two days, no one even remembers,” he wrote.

Influencer Thomas Santana shared details of the kitchen and, when opening a cabinet under the sink, it was possible to see the unfinished plumbing, with a hole in the wall at the back of the cabinet. “Hey, guys, we have to do the finishing work here, huh”, he joked.

Source: Folha

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