Neymar is criticized on social media for not speaking out about Zagallo’s death


Current number 10 and the Brazilian team’s top scorer, Neymar did not speak out on social media about Zagallo’s death until this Sunday night (7). Mario Jorge Lobo Zagallo, the greatest World Cup winner, passed away on Friday (5) at the age of 92. Internet users criticized Neymar for not having mentioned the event until now.

In 2016, after winning the unprecedented gold medal at the Rio Olympics, Neymar repeated the Old Wolf’s famous catchphrase: “They’re going to have to swallow me.” The striker, very active on social media, did not make tweets, stories on Instagram, or posts about the death of the Brazilian sports legend.

“A guy the size of Zagallo dies and Neymar doesn’t pay tribute. He’s completely unrelated to the history of the Brazilian team,” wrote a user on X (formerly Twitter).

“They don’t live in the same story. Old Wolf was and is a legend. Neymar never stopped being a kid,” said another internet user.

The web also recalled the fact that Zagallo won four World Cups (two as a player, one as a coach and one as an assistant coach), while Neymar did not win any.

“Apart from Zagallo, the only Brazilian with a chance of becoming a 4-time World Cup champion is Neymar. To do so, he only needs to win the World Cup 4 times”, joked journalist Chico Barney in X.

Source: Folha

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