BBB 24: Nizam approaches Vanessa Lopes and turns enmity into flirting


Who would have thought that after starring in the ‘mirror fight’, Nizam and Vanessa Lopes would become friends on BBB 24?

Because the São Paulo native managed to reverse his image before tiktoker. On Monday afternoon (15), the two talked a lot in the fairy room and even exchanged a light flirtation.

“You said something and she interpreted it the way she wanted, perhaps because of her experiences”, said Vanessa. “I can’t stop thinking about whether she did it unconsciously or consciously, out of spite. And I judged you. I was very angry with you”, Vanessa said. “The truth comes out, sooner or later,” replied Nizam.

Then, the São Paulo native told his sister that he followed her on social media and that he never imagined that one day he would be wearing swim trunks in front of her. Vanessa returned the compliment, saying that her brother broke her expectations and that he was a “cool straight man”.

As the duo got closer, the one who ended up coming out badly in the story was Alane. The dancer became ill again with anxiety attacks and began to be seen as an enemy by Vanessa.

Understand the mirror bullshit

In conversation with Rodriguinho, Nizam criticized Vanessa, expressing his intention to vote for her. The São Paulo native even mocked the influencer, saying that she looks in the mirror all the time and that she doesn’t consider her attitude to be genuine. “I’m lazy,” said the brother.

Vinícius listened to the conversation and told MC Bin Laden, who, in turn, had a crush on Vanessa and told her everything, but without giving Nizam’s name.

Vanessa vented about the matter in her room, which made other people aware of what had happened. Deniziane asked Alane, who exchanged caresses on the duvet with Nizam, to talk to him about the matter.

However, when she tried to bring up the subject and question whether she should talk to Vanessa, Nizam reacted very badly. That’s when Alane passed out and needed medical attention.

The next day, in conversation with Vanessa, Nizam denied his words and alleviated the situation. Tiktoker ended up buying his version.

Vanessa was so suspicious that she voted for Alane in the last wall formation, on Sunday (24). “I don’t know what’s true and what’s a lie anymore, so my vote goes to Alane”, she explained. Alane almost ended up on the wall, but was saved by leader Lucas’s vote of minerva.

Source: Folha

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