BBB 24: Vanessa Lopes’ father says he doesn’t care about Nizam’s approach and criticizes his brother: ‘Manipulative’


Vanessa Lopes’ father, Alisson Ramalho is following the latest developments at BBB 24. He doesn’t like his daughter’s relationship with account executive Nizam Hayek and says that he has already identified his brother’s profile. “He is an articulate and manipulative boy. He is a mover and shaker, that’s obvious”, began the businessman.

Alisson highlighted that Davi Brito was assertive when confronting Nizam shortly after the formation of Paredão and that the confusion must have raised alarm bells in the other participants. “He spoke a lot of truths, but it’s a shame he went a little overboard,” he said. “I liked his attitude. He was brave.”

The businessman also believes that Nizam will not sustain the lies for long. “The truth always prevails and there is nowhere to run […] They have a lot of cameras and Paredão will provide the answer.”

The sister’s father reinforced that he is not “revolted”, but that Vanessa, despite her experience, “is only 22 years old”, and has not yet realized that the Nizam is not what she thinks. “We have all been victims of manipulators once in our lives. […] and obviously the person ends up getting lost and then we find out. Let the game happen inside and Vanessa will understand everything”, he bets.

Vanessa’s mother also defended her sister and also called Nizam a “manipulative”. “Firstly, I want to recognize Vanessa’s attitude and the manipulation she is suffering. She could have stood up, gone to the women, met with them, listened, so they together would understand that they were being manipulated, and I’m sorry for that not have happened”, said Lica Lopes. “The person who has been manipulated should never come out as a villain or a villain, because, on the contrary, they are in an unfavorable situation, they are being deceived!”, she concluded.

Source: Folha

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