Jorge Aragão is hospitalized and conducts a ‘detailed battery of exams’


Singer and composer Jorge Aragão, 72, is hospitalized at the Hospital da Beneficência Portuguesa in São Paulo. According to the artist’s office, he was admitted to InCor (Institute of the Heart), also in São Paulo, after feeling ill and was transferred to the hospital this Tuesday (9).

In a statement shared with the F5, the singer’s advisors say that he is fine and undergoes tests in response to medical requests. “Aragão reassures his fans, stating that he is doing well and attending to a doctor’s request, he is under observation for a detailed battery of tests and better evaluation”, he says.

“Aragão also appreciates the affection and concern of its audience and, together with its team, undertakes to keep everyone informed about its state”, completes the note. The statement was also shared on the singer’s official Instagram profile.

In April of this year, the samba dancer underwent a cardiac catheterization at Hospital São Lucas, in Copacabana, in the south of Rio, after experiencing chest discomfort. At the time, the singer’s staff said that the medical procedure was already scheduled for before the pandemic was carried out uneventfully.

Last year, the singer was hospitalized for six days with Covid in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. Aragão was admitted to the hospital with Covid-19 viral pneumonia and remained in the intensive care unit under continuous monitoring and specific care for the clinical condition.

In 2018, Aragão underwent catheterization and recovered so well that a week after the medical procedure he performed in São Paulo. “I’m going to fulfill my mission, which is to cheer up the audience. I’ve put together a repertoire that will make everyone sing and have fun together,” he said at the time, before the presentation.

The artist from Rio began his career in the 1970s, as a guitarist in nightclubs, but became known in 1977 when Elza Soares recorded the song “Malandro”, which he composed with Jotabê. Before dedicating himself to a solo career, Aragão took part in the first formation of the Fundo de Quintal group.


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