Godfathers were made in today’s episode “My Style Rocks” the contestants and with their choices for this special occasion tried to impress the judges and their teammates.

Mortasia returned to the competition and together with Christiana are already candidates for elimination, as they collected the lowest score last week. However, if someone manages to be crowned the winner of the day, they have a chance to be “saved”.

Upon her return, Mortasia received positive comments for her appearance, while Amanda and Dionysia pointed out that her absence from the competition was noticeable.

Georgia became the maid of honor in Porto Rafti, but Mortasia characterized her whole as “a little”, even stressing that she would normally give her an ace for her today’s effort.

Effie was the best man at her best friend’s wedding, but her choices did not impress her teammates, nor the judges.

Meanwhile, Dionysia, grading her with an ace, emphasized that it would be unfair for the older players to give her a higher score, which caused Katerina Karavatou to intervene, stressing that her placement is not correct, as the rules of the competition define the entry of new players.

Amanda received negative comments about her outfit from both Mortasia and Christiana, who pointed out that she is not appropriately dressed for the occasion. While, neither Sofia Hatzipanteli was pleased with her effort, who graded her with a two, nor Stelios Koudounaris, who pointed out that her set is not official, resulting in great tension. However, Dimitris Skoulos had a different opinion, who argued that her appearance is an option for a wedding in City Hall.

On the occasion of Dionysia’s comments about Christiana’s appearance, a “war” broke out between Christiana, Mortasia, Amanda and Dionysia, with the spikes for ratings “give and take” between the two opposing “camps”.

Dionysia was marrying two of her friends in Las Vegas and her appearance was described as impressive, but not successful. Particular tension was even created between Dionysia and Mortasia, after the negative comments received by the player.

Mimi as maid of honor at a wedding in Lake Como received rave reviews and managed to be crowned the winner of the day, garnering the highest score and beating the equally good score of Apolleon, who also impressed as maid of honor to a friendly couple in a villa in Kifissia.
As the winner of the day, Mimi would have to deduct a point from her teammate and chose the last one in the ranking, which was Dionysia.