Behind the counter cooking showdowns and dancing… on the kitchen counter has today’s episode of My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours. The best friends, Nikos and Giannis, in the previous episode, cooked, gave flirting advice, danced with Marcos and finally won 1,000 euros with their dish. Opposite them today will be friends Niki and Filippa who will try to stop their course.

Watch the trailer:

Nikos and Giannis take a stand and after Giannis explains why they call him Dr. Love and Markos prepare Nikos for the run he will throw in the kitchen, they start cooking “2% kebab”. Materials are missing…but not the appetite for teasing, dancing and singing. Will the dish that ends up in front of Hector draw as positive comments as the previous one?

Niki and Filippa, friends and colleagues, go into the kitchen and confess the mischief they have done and which men they like… Niki confides that it was a lifelong dream to meet Hector in person, while Filippa that they have nothing to do with cooking and very good relationship. Will they be able to make delicious “meatballs with red sauce and fries” or will the dream of a lifetime stop in one episode?


According to Hector “there is no good and bad food, there is what we like, as long as it is properly cooked”. Which of the two dishes lives up to it? Meatballs or kebabs?