BBB 24: Vanessa’s withdrawal becomes a full plate for assumptions on the web


The topic of the day inside and outside the BBB 24 house is Vanessa Lopes’s withdrawal.

After spending the week showing signs that she was going to give up her place in the most watched house in Brazil, the tiktoker finally pressed the button this Friday (19) and was disqualified from the reality show.

While inside the house the atmosphere was one of mourning, outside of it the matter was a big deal. On social media, viewers of the program speculated about everything from health problems to conspiracy theories that Vanessa had been a victim of.

In an Instagram comment, a user recalled that YouTube is full of conspiracy theories about BBB, in which participants would receive scripts from the broadcaster. The internet user suggests that Vanessa may have fallen for one of these theories. “When she didn’t receive the infamous script, she started to think it was the house against her,” she theorized.

In another thesis of Internet users, Vanessa would just be a girl unaccustomed to rejection thanks to her 40 million followers on TikTok. The way the network works, which doesn’t allow much room for major discussions or cancellations, would have left Vanessa in a parallel reality, having contact only with compliments. “She had to deal with this unprecedented experience: being wrong,” wrote Mila Faria on Instagram.

Actor and comedian Maurício Meirelles joked about the situation on

Source: Folha

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