BBB 22: Maíra Cardi says that Jade has a ‘built-in passion’ for Arthur


Influencer Maíra Cardi returned to make her assessment of Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) and stated, this Saturday (12), in an Instagram profile, that the current leader of the reality, Jade Picon, has a “built-in passion” for her husband, actor Arthur Aguiar.

“She can’t deal with the built-in passion. This business of her saying that she dreams about him all the time… Something like a teenager in love who can’t live passion. Pay attention, she keeps looking for him with her eyes to get attention” , he said.

Maíra also stated that Jade probably “wants to be the 17th”, referring to the 16 lovers Arthur would have had and she claimed to have found out when the two separated in 2020. The couple resumed their marriage in October last year.

Netizens didn’t really like the comment. Although some agreed with the fitness influencer, most criticized her. “I want to vote for Arthur to leave just for you to talk nonsense”, said an internet user. “You’re going to take the prize away from him that way,” opined another.

Jade voted for Arthur last week when he was leader. He, however, was the least voted in the dispute with Douglas and Naiara, receiving just over 3% of the votes. Jade and Arthur got to talk, but the atmosphere remains tense between them.

This week, after winning the lead for the second week in a row, Jade said in a conversation with Linn that she intends to vote for Arthur again. Other options mentioned by her would be Lucas and Jessi.

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