After “Antigone” by Anoui, the Maria Protopappa returns to Basement of the Art Theatre directing one of the most important works of world drama, the last work of the Spanish writer and poet Federico García Lorca “Bernarda Alba’s house».

As stated in a production announcement about the project: A domineering widow, after the death of her second husband, imposes 8 years of mourning and confinement on her five daughters. They desperately react, each in their own way, and on the occasion of a new man, who for another is a lover, for another a suitor, for another a fantasy, the need for life swells, explodes and death hits home again for to drown it in a second wave of mourning

Lorca, although “privileged” in terms of class, resents poverty, hunger, social injustice, political instability and its accessories. With his special look, he leads the viewers to a corner of the world, to a barren land, an arid edge of it, where he places his magnifying and poetic lens over a “Home”, a symbolic place, where the stolen freedom and dignity of the women of his neighborhood, and not only, of his time, and not only, feeling horror at the way they were treated.

Christos Stergioglou in the role of Bernarda Alba.


Translation, Text rendering: Maria Protopappa, Eleni Spetsioti

Directed by: Maria Protopappa

Sets-Costumes: Eva Nathena

Music: Fotis Siotas

Motion: Margarita Trikka

Lighting: Valentina Tamiolaki

Assistant director: Electra Baruta

Promotional Photos of the show: Roula Revi

Assistant Photographer: Olina Katsari

Wigs: Chronis Tzimos

Hairstyles: Thodoris Bournelis

Makeup: Irini Gatou

Graphic designer: Yannis Stamatopoulos

Performance photos: Marilena Anastasiadou

Performance Trailer: Michael Mavromoustakos

Show contact: Angelika Kapsampeli

Production Director: Anastasia Cavallari

Production Execution: Kart Productions- Maria Xanthopoulidou

PLAY (alphabetical)

Eugenia Apostolou, Anna Kalaitzidou, Dimitris Margaritis, Eleni Spetsioti, Christos Stergioglou, Katerina Fotiadis, Christina Heila-Fameli.

Ersi Malikenzou participates in the recording.


Karolo Koun Art Theater – Basement, Pesmazoglou 5

Tel. 210.3228706- 210.3222760

Show days and times:

Wednesday 20.00, Thursday to Saturday at 21.00, Sunday at 19.00