His appearance Christopher Reeve (Christopher Reeve) in a wheelchair at Oscar in 1996, for the first time since accident that he had falling from a horse, which left him a quadriplegic, is one of the events that the actor’s eldest son, Matthew (Matthew Reeve), will never forget, and neither will anyone.

“Superman” Reeve appeared on stage to a three-minute standing ovation from Hollywood, while he could only mutter “thank you” before saying a few words.

At his Film Festival Sundance The Matthew Reeve he said in the touching moment.

“I remember being in London, we would stay up until three or four in the morning to watch it. And it was absolutely incredible,” Matthew told People magazine in an exclusive interview on the occasion of the premiere of the documentary “Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story” at Sundance.

“And what stuck with me the most, after the incredibly warm welcome and standing ovation he received when he took the stage, was his speech in which he talked about how cinema and movies are at their best when they’re not only entertaining, but also inform, educate and touch on various issues of life,” said Matthew.

Twenty years after Christopher’s death, comes the documentary ‘Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story’, which tells the story of the legendary film career of the actor until his paralysis after the accident he had in 1995 when he fell from a horse.

The documentary features all three of the actor’s children, Matthew, Alexandra and Will Reeve, talking about their father’s recovery from a spinal injury.

Christopher Reeve was paralyzed until his death on October 10, 2004.