BBB 24: Davi is intimidated by MC Bin Laden and Lucas and retorts: ‘Calm down, Calabrese’


The atmosphere is neither calm nor favorable at BBB 24. This Thursday morning (1st) there was another fight, and it wasn’t with Alane and Fernanda.

“You guys almost came to blows.” This is how Isabelle, 31, described confusion between Davi, 21, Lucas Henrique, 29, and MC Bin Laden, 30.

The discussion began when Davi heard his name in a conversation between Lucas, Wanessa Camargo, 41, and Yasmin Brunet, 35, shortly before the party this Wednesday (31). Troubled, he looked for Lucas Capoeira to find out what the matter was.

The trio talked about who they would put in the VIP if they won the lead and lamented about Davi already being guaranteed after returning from the last round trip. However, the capoeirista avoided revealing the content of the conversation to the interrogator.

Lucas took this information to Bin during the party. “Don’t talk down to him. He keeps calling others out of the corner like that. Why doesn’t he speak in front of everyone? He should have called Wanessa and Yasmin”, suggested the MC.

Soon after, the capoeirista went to the bathroom. David followed. Both accused each other of manipulation, foul play and other profanity. The funk player and Rodriguinho went to the place to show solidarity with the capoeirista. MC Bin Laden entered the discussion with his finger raised.

What is ‘pepperoni’

David faced the group that surrounded him. Between insults of all kinds, the Bahian said “calm down, Calabreso”, when he realized that the argument could lead to physical aggression. His opponents, as well as the majority of the cast, understood the word as a fat-phobic insult.

The interpretation made sisters and brothers, who didn’t even speak to David, go in front of him to reprimand him. “But what does the term mean, Calabrese?” Leidy questioned. “It’s a review that we use there in Salvador”, replied Davi.

Dissatisfied with the young man’s statement, Yasmin, Wanessa, Ráculo, Giovanna Lima and Leidy replied, “it’s very easy to say that you don’t know the meaning or that you don’t remember.”

On the web, the public reported that the expression refers to someone angry. Journalist Gabriel Vaquer also explained the origin of the term as a “catchphrase from prank actor Toninho Tornado, star of João Kleber’s program”.

In another room of the house, MC Bin Laden told the cabins and Lucas that Davi was “a brat and a slacker”. He also stated that he wouldn’t hit his brother inside, but “outside I love him [Davi]”, he said.

This was not the first time that Davi was threatened within the BBB.

Remember the threats

  • Rodriguinho says, twice, that he would beat Davi to other brothers in the reality show

  • Vinicius says he wants to hit Davi, and receives support from Rodriguinho

Source: Folha

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