BBB 24: Globo protects Wanessa Camargo and does not show offenses to Davi on open TV


Gabriel Vaquer

BBB 24 has been successful. It has had an impact on the streets, the TV audience is interesting and on Globoplay it is especially better, as we have already mentioned in this space. With this in mind, one has to question the decision to edit the attraction this Wednesday (8).

In the open TV edition, which has a shorter duration on Wednesdays, but is the mirror most watched by the public, the broadcaster did not show any speech by the singer Wanessa Camargo against the participant Davi Brito.

In the 24 hours before the broadcast, Wanessa did not spare the Bahian. Among other barbarities, Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter called Davi “extremely manipulative”, “characterless” and stated that he did not deserve to win the reality show.

Videos of the situations, of course, went viral on social media. And every good viewer of the program expected exposure in the edition, which is seen especially by the so-called “couch audience”, those who do not directly watch the pay-per-view.

Wanessa barely appears in the more than 30 minutes of art in the edition. It was as if she wasn’t even in the house. The bulk of BBB’s audience nowadays watches everything and knows everything through social media. It was a blow to these people’s faces.

Since introducing celebrities to the reality show in 2020, Globo has been accused of “cutting the corner” for celebrities who enter the BBB. This is not a concern today, as we have already discussed here.

The fact is that the BBB has changed. The pay-per-view is seen by everyone. You can’t just pretend that something doesn’t exist in 24 hours. It is an error in the editing, in the direction of the program, and the most serious.

The least that is expected is a correction this Thursday (8), but the stain remains. BBB 24 caught on. Globo didn’t need that.

Source: Folha

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