Fabiana Justus shaves her hair during leukemia treatment: ‘It gave me relief’


Under treatment for leukemia, influencer Fabiana Justus, 37, shaved her hair. She shared a video of the process on social media — it was her husband who shaved it for her — and photos of her with the new look. “The day came. We knew it would arrive, we just didn’t know when or how it would be,” she wrote on Instagram. “I felt in my heart that it was time.”

Roberto Justus’ daughter explained that she decided to shave when she noticed that her hair was falling out a lot. “I think the anticipation of this moment causes great anguish, and” resolving “this issue, as the good practical Virgo that I am, gave me peace,” she said.

She stated that shaving her hair is the moment in which “the penny drops even more”, but said she sees the moment as something small compared to the whole. “It’s a process that is part of my healing. Hairs are gone and with them anything bad,” she wrote.

In the video, before shaving, she shows how the strands were falling out when she ran her hand through her hair. Her husband, who helped her shave, kept repeating over and over that he thought his wife was even more beautiful.

The two posts had a lot of impact — the photos have more than a million likes. Celebrities left comments wishing strength, showing support and praising Fabiana for the way she is dealing with the situation.

Ticiane Pinheiro, Titi Muller, Eliana, Bianca Andrade, Larissa Manoela, Gabriela Pugliesi, Bruna Biancardi and Fiorella Mattheis are some of the countless women who commented on the publications.

“So proud of the wonderful woman you are! And how beautiful you are! I love you absurdly!”, wrote Roberto Justus, who visited his daughter in the hospital this Friday (9).

Source: Folha

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