BBB 24: Davi calls Wanessa Camargo ‘fake’ and says: ‘Before Paredão, he wouldn’t look at my face’


In a conversation with Isabelle Nogueira this Friday (16), Davi Brito showed that he is paying close attention to the game’s movements at BBB 24. The Bahian app driver told his ally that he is uncomfortable with some opponents in recent days. Despite a more favorable climate and no confusion, he said he did not trust MC Bin Laden, Lucas Henrique, Yasmin Brunet and Rodriguinho, in addition to pointing out Wanessa Camargo as a “fake” player

“Wanessa wouldn’t even look at my face. I came back from Bate e Volta in the last Paredão, she even started to smile at me. All because she was afraid of me winning some test and pointing her out to the Monster or Paredão. She’s fake”, he began he.

Davi then continued: “She votes for you, but if you come back from an Elimination, Wanessa talks to you calmly, in a good way. This is so you don’t target her”, concluded the brother.

Since Davi returned from the last Paredão, when Marcus Vinícius left the house, Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter changed her tone to refer to her rival. During a conversation with Rodriguinho, the singer even said that her target had changed. “Bin became my main target and forget Davi. Davi became second place”, said Wanessa. “Until he talks and everything is fine”, replied Rodriguinho. “No way, it’s already over for me. I give two conversations. That’s how it is, at most, it’s over”, added the sister.

Wanessa’s distrust of Davi’s favoritism increased after Lucas Henrique received a warning about his leadership’s performance. “I received an ‘alert’, but we will say to everyone that it was a ‘ninja’, to anyone who asks”, asked the professor. “Guys, it’s a fact. Davi is loved out there”, warned the singer.

Source: Folha

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