Leipsi wins first place among the world’s eleven best destinations that offer off-the-beaten-path experiences, as suggested by the award-winning travel blog “Where Life is Great” as part of the New Year’s trends survey carried out every year by the editorial team of https://wherelifeisgreat.com/11-best-islands-to-visit-in-2024/.

“If you are looking for a magical escape in an unspoilt exotic place, then Lipsi is your “number one” destination for 2024. Imagine a sustainable place where time seems to stand still and every “breath” of sea air neutralizes all worries and anxiety”, says the blogger Marta Ostoya, explaining the reasons why Lipsi meet all the criteria to be at the top of the list of the most promising destinations for the new season. Next up are Hokkaido, Japan, Australia’s Fraser Island, Majorca, Tenerife, Sri Lanka, Italy’s Procida, Sardinia, Spain’s Fuerteventura, Mexico’s Isla Mujeres, and Jamaica. It is noted that after an invitation from the municipality, the Lipsi were added to last year’s program of the well-travelled blogger who so far “counts” over 560,000 photos in the context of her visits to 50 countries and 4 continents.

“Year by year, our effort to present Leipsos to the international travel public as a sustainable and authentic holiday proposal that also has unrivaled modern tourist services is gaining more ground. The performance of the destination for 2023 set new records with travelers from Europe, but also more distant markets giving us a vote of confidence”, said the mayor of Lipson Fotis Maggos.