BBB 24: Widespread fight during the early hours of the reality show makes brothers think about giving up


The cast of BBB 24 came together to celebrate the bodies selected for this year’s edition of the Globo reality show, this Monday afternoon (19). However, the harmony was destroyed along with the brothers’ family letters during the night on the same day.

The hurt feelings between the participants were announced during the dynamic. Rodriguinho, 45, for example, considered giving up on BBB after having his correspondence shredded by his ally and birthday girl Ráculo, 23.

The decision made the singer the only person with children not to receive gifts. All mothers won.

Giovanna, 27, went to question the reasons why Deniziane, 29, had ruined the manuscripts she would receive.

Beatriz, 23, who had the letter torn up by Michel, 33, looked for Fernanda, 32, in the kitchen to talk about the sincere two weeks ago and understand why her sister didn’t tear up her letter.

Leidy vs Fernanda

But it was another confusion that was responsible for the widespread fight. Leidy, 26, didn’t like having the note destroyed by Fernanda.

“Everyone tricks, tricks, tricks Davi and he’s there with his letter, cute. Inconsistency. Just because he came back from the wall, everyone thinks he’s strong. I thought she would [triturar a carta] his in front of mine”, said Leidy.

The feeling persisted and the sister went to talk to Fernanda in the middle of the kitchen. “I never talked about Davi like that. I didn’t even vote for him”, defended the walled woman. “Ah, stop. Everyone said it”, replied Leidy.

The two exposed the game strategies used in the wall that eliminated Marcus. Accusations of foul play involved other characters.

MC Bin Laden and Leidy vs Fernanda and Pitel

Fernanda said that Bin was responsible for warning her about the combination of votes that brought her to the brink of the hot seat last week. Leidy denied any involvement in trying to save his friend Marcus.

Bin heard the confusion, sided with Leidy and said he would never vote for Marcus, because his target was Davi and Wanessa, last week.

The singer said he played alone, but also claimed to be an ally of Rodriguinho and Lucas, 30. And he said he was uncomfortable with the house. The cast has already chosen him as the edition’s gossiper.

Pitel, 22, intervened and stated that Fernanda was right. She said the singer told the information in front of her too.

MC Bin Laden vs Michel

Bin was pressured during the conversation with Pitel. She insisted that the singer had said yes that his voting option was Marcus in the fourth gnome. Fernanda and Michel nodded and said they had the same vision as their sister.

“Wait a minute, fake,” the MC shouted at Michel. “My beef with you is different, right? You made up a story. I’m going to call the others to prove it, because you’re fake and a liar”, said the funk singer. “What story? So call, call”, Michel shouted back.

From then on, Bin tried to call Rodriguinho to the kitchen, but he refused. The pagodeiro was still sad about the photo destroyed by an ally.

While looking for partners in an attempt to unmask the professor, Lucas took the pain and fought with Michel because he had taken information about the leader’s vote the previous week to Davi.

When the MC returned without his intended ally, he began to yell and offend his opponent, who did the same.

Matteus, 27, and Davi entered the middle to prevent any physical aggression. “Calm down, boy. Calm down. If you keep talking loud, you’ll lose your reason”, said the Bahian to the singer. “He’s fake and talks bad about you behind your back”, warned the funk singer.

The fall?

After things calmed down, three people involved in the fight thought about giving up: Rodriguinho, MC Bin Laden and Michel.

Source: Folha

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