It looked bad that the immunity matches for the Blues would be closed for this week. The team, which was already deprived of the services of Fanis, acquired a second injured, Yiannis Perpataris, also with a broken toe. And as if that wasn’t enough, the news that Olga and Maria will not be competing on the Diasimon side, due to injuries, was added to the economy of matches, which meant that Asimina and Dalaka would be competing many more times.

Fortunately for them, the Fighters had a very good day with the infallible Giulekas who brought 4 victories and James Kafetzis who offered two incredible points.

Giorgos Giulekas scored the last point, completing the small miracle of the Fighters.

After this rather unexpected defeat, the Celebrity team had to go to the council and nominate one more candidate, while the choice of MVP Joanna from the Fighter team remained. Giorgos Lianos announced that the team cannot vote for Maria Antonas and Olga Piliaki due to their injuries, and made the process a man’s affair.

The team brought up Alexis Pappas, raising questions as the player was in his best week competitively.

With these data the Fighters had to vote for the man who will replace Marilina in the duel, since the retirement will be male. The group voted and nominated Stamatis. The player just came back from his injury and he didn’t take it well…

The quartet of candidates was completed by Nikos Gano, who was Ioanna’s choice.