BBB 24: Deniziane says in an interview, ‘being eliminated is fine, but for Fernanda?’


Minas Gerais physiotherapist Deniziane Ferreira, 29, was ninth eliminated from BBB 24, with 52.02% of the votes. Fernanda, 32, her direct opponent in the reality show, finished the wall with 47.16%.

At the beginning of the program, she showed off a bracelet given by Vanessa Lopes and said that the influencer “has a very good heart”, to presenters Thais Fersoza and Ed Gama. The duo calmed the former participant and said that Vanessa is better.

The result of the hot seat bothered the ex-sister. She looked at the camera during the interview on Bate-Papo BBB and said, “I’m fine with being eliminated, but for Fernanda?”

Deniziane, who prefers to be called Anny, said she had principles and criticized her opponent, “guys, she talked about Alane’s body”, she said.

The confusion mentioned by the miner happened on January 31st. Alane criticized Fernanda’s elasticity, who retaliated by saying that her sister’s leg was “soft”.

“As much as you are trying to process, we are trying to understand why you left,” said the administrator and twin sister of the interviewee Deniziene Ferreira. She consoled Anny and said that maybe Brazil wants to see “people like Fernanda.”

Deniziane, Deniziane’s twin sister, consoles sister after elimination – Reproduction/Globoplay

On the other hand, the public videos shown to the eliminated woman showed that part of the viewers saw her as a plant, someone who doesn’t move in the reality show.

A portion of the program’s fans also criticized the sister’s breakup with Matteus. “It wasn’t because of the beard, guys. He’s beautiful anyway and has a very good heart. I didn’t want to hurt him,” said Anny.

She said that she was already thinking about separating from her brother at home, “a few days before I was already crying. I vented a lot to the doctor on the program”, she revealed.

Source: Folha

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