Singer, lyricist, actor, o Sakis Boulas he was a man we loved very much for all his above qualities.

Born in Piraeus, he loved music from an early age – and luckily decided to follow his dream of singing and acting, despite his parents’ pressure to become a lawyer.

Along with them Yiannis Zouganelis, Nikola Asimo, Periklis Harva, Thanos Adrianos, founded the first “musical cafe”, with the very appropriate name Susuro since for the first time music was combined with theater and various events that made… susuro. Similar work was done later in Ah Maria, where again he was one of the main protagonists with Vassilis Papakonstantinou, Yiannis Zouganelis and other of his well-known friends and associates.

As a musician, he had released five personal records, while he also participated in many records, such as “Ungranted Letters” by Michalis Grigoriou with Aphrodite Manou, “Cantata for Makronisos” by Thanos Mikroutsikos, “Lukeian dialogues” by Mimi Plessas, “Acharnis » by Dionysis Savvopoulos.

In fact, as a lyricist he gave us some very favorite songs – which many may not know he wrote – such as Sebastian of Vassilis Papakonstantinou, the Chickaboom of Yokarini, the Always a fugitive from the dream of Antonis Vardis, the Greece Plot which he performed himself with Zouganelis and Michalis Hatzigianni (to the latter’s music) and many others, usually in his own interpretations.