BBB 24: Valentina Bandeira says that ‘Ed Gama stole her spot’ on the reality show and satirizes her departure


Almost two months after being banned from running the show Conversa com o Eliminado on BBB 24, actress and influencer Valentina Bandeira satirized the situation in a humor sketch on Porta dos Fundos (see below).

At the beginning of Porta News, a section where weekly events are commented on in a humorous way, she decided to talk to Ed Gama about the fact that he had taken over her position on the attraction.

‘I’m Valentina Bandeira, the person from whom Ed Gama stole the spot on Conversa com o Eliminado”, she began alongside Ed himself.

Afterwards, she continued her outburst. “People call me Valentina Bandeira, who knows what she did and just hoped that Ed Gama had called before it was published in the media”, she added.

After an apology from Gama, the actress concluded: “Valen Bandeira was having a bad day, but she is mature enough to deal with the consequences of her own choices.”

Days before the premiere of BBB 24, the actress and influencer left the cast of the reality show at the last minute. Together with Thaís Fersoza, she would lead the chat with whoever left the program, on Tuesdays. The information that she would be part of was given by herself in December during a live on her YouTube channel just before Christmas. The video reached the command of Big Brother, who revolted.

O F5 had access to prints of the actress asking some journalists and pages to delete the story, because it could harm her. The reality show has a strict policy on information being passed on without authorization. Boninho was unforgiving and ended up vetoing her participation.

Source: Folha

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