BBB 24: Why Davi, Fernanda and MC Bin Laden break nomination records on a wall


Gustavo Luiz

App driver Davi, model Fernanda and singer MC Bin Laden were the only BBB 24 participants to receive nine or more votes from the cast during the same wall formation, so far. The concentration of nominations by the cast took place in the last five hot spots. This Monday (26), there are 16 players in the house.

Taking a barrage of votes, including from an “ally” can be emotionally impactful for whoever is targeted, but the fact is that the production of the reality show offers elements for smaller groups, or single players, to defend themselves from large amounts of votes.

Among them, leadership, the autoimmune angel, immunities here and there, wildcard powers, open votes and even the round-the-clock test as a final resort. The latter, the method that most saved the vote record holders of some walls.


Davi, the first to accumulate nine votes, was persecuted by his opponents and did not even have a partner to organize strategies in the first month of the program. The exclusion was such that part of the public and former participants even considered that the Bahian suffered racial discrimination in the edition.

The only reason he wasn’t in the hot seat was on January 28th because he won the round-robin test, a production trick to save one of the week’s sidekicks. Depending only on the persecutors, the flood of votes for David would be repeated seven days later.

However, the dynamics of the big phone provided the Bahian with a defense mechanism. He camped out for more than 72 hours under the phone waiting for the call that guaranteed his immunity on February 4th.

The same phone call divided the cast into two groups of nine people, which reduced the concentration of votes in another confined group. The following week, production chose the opposite path.


Fernanda was the main target in the open vote and received ten nominations out of the seventeen possible. In the case of the sister, there are two explanations for the volume of people who wanted her out of the reality show.

The first was the fight with Alane. Most people in the house found the adjective “molenguinha” used by Fernanda to describe her opponent’s leg offensive.

The second was the polarization of nominations outside the confessional. With clear intentions, those confined were divided into three segments.

The ten who voted for Fernanda to protect Marcus, the six who voted for Marcus to protect Fernanda and MC Bin Laden, who voted alone for Wanessa Camargo.

Nanda also saved himself through the round-trip test. Unlike David, the participant’s luck only lasted seven days.

She received the same ten votes, on February 18th, this time inside the confessional and with no chance of defense.

MC Bin Laden

This Sunday (25), it was the third time in a row that someone accumulated the vote of the total majority of the cast. MC Bin Laden received nine out of fifteen possible nominations.

The funk player went from being Davi’s persecutor to the house’s favorite target after his biggest allies were eliminated: Vinicius Rodrigues and Lucas Luigi.

Furthermore, Bin broke alliances with Pitel and Fernanda and got into fights with Davi, Isabelle and Michel. The back and forth was, once again, the dynamic responsible for saving the least loved person among those confined. Vote for who you want to eliminate from BBB 24.

The departure of those who didn’t go and the walls we want

The reality show sells the maxim: “escape the wall”. If this is a tip from the program to make someone a millionaire, there is no reason to criticize the players who achieve the feat.

However, it is difficult to think of the escape as a virtue of the best confined due to the excess of brothers who were not in the spotlight until last week. After 40 days of reality.

There were 17 residents in the house and nine of them did not know what it was like to be walled in until the beginning of the Sunday before last (18). These were the cases of Deniziane, Fernanda, Leidy, Lucas Henrique, Matteus, MC Bin Laden, Michel, Rodriguinho and Wanessa.

Two wall formations later and the group of newcomers was reduced to a quartet: Leidy, Bin, Michel and Wanessa. Meanwhile, there are participants who will be able to be in the spotlight for the fourth time, such as Davi and Isabelle.

Hence the main disadvantage of having accumulation of votes and escapists. It would be a shame if the audience were deprived of the possible hot seat between Davi and Wanessa, or Fernanda and Alane, due to the lack of dynamics that would offer this clash to regular BBB voters.

With the absence of strategies, the public and reality lose opportunities to watch disputes like Manu Gavassi and Felipe Prior, who in 2020 managed to add more than 1.53 billion votes, or even between Arthur Aguiar and Jade Picon, with 698 million, in 2022. There’s still time.

Source: Folha

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