BBB 24: Rodriguinho talks about criticism of Yasmin’s body: ‘She would understand fine’


Rodriguinho, 46, was the tenth eliminated from BBB 24, with 78.23% of the votes. The pagodeiro’s departure guaranteed his presence at the BBB Chat in the early hours of this Wednesday (28), as stipulated in the contract for those confined.

The tone of the meeting between the singer and Thais Fersoza, 39, had been speculated by internet users since the first male eliminations. This is because the presenter emphasized the sexist attitudes of Maycon, Pizane and Nizam during the interviews.

But, with Rodriguinho, the subject of his comments regarding Yasmin Brunet’s physical fitness and nutrition seemed to sound like any other topic in the interview. Something that also happened in the elimination of para-athlete Vinicius Rodrigues.

Rodriguinho stated that the comment was not meant to devalue. “I would talk about this subject easily with Yasmin and she would understand easily”, he said. However, he added “suddenly I’m tripping.”

The chat with the eliminated candidate began with a question he asked internet users that would only be answered at the end of the program. “What did you think of my participation?”

Rodriginho in the chat straight section, with Thais Fersoza – Reproduction/Globoplay

Rodriguinho was then shown a video with selected opinions from some viewers.

Most of the people in the material were black and the comments were reserved for talking about coexistence and the brother’s desire to give up the reality show. The former BBB reacted and said that his attitude on shows was the same as he had outside the program.

To guide the next hour of the interview, Thais and Ed Gama announced that they would draw three fours themes available inside a transparent glass jar.

The first question drawn was the relationship with Pitel. “I was protective of her at the beginning of the game. She was attacked a lot, I didn’t understand why she was attacked”, commented Rodriguinho. Ed Gama told the singer that his sister “humanized” his career.

In the second part of the draw, the topic was “Grandpa of the game”. The pagodeiro is the oldest participant in the edition, aged 45. He turned 46 this Tuesday (27), the same date as his elimination.

Rodriguinho commented that MC Bin Laden, Fernanda and Pitel will be missed. “As much as I said a lot of nonsense about Davi, I played a role in alleviating the conflicts there [do quarto gnomo]”, he said.

In the middle of his answer, Ed asked what the pagodeiro’s reason was for joining BBB, since the money and the prize didn’t interest him.

“I went for my wife [Bruna]. She signed up three or four times”, he said. Rodriguinho commented that he didn’t accept the program’s proposal at first, “in 10 seconds I said no a couple of times, for something she always dreamed of”, he said.

The third and final file, picked at random to continue the interview, suggested that presenters and interviewees talk about the brother’s relationship with Davi. Rodriguinho said on the reality show that he was “Davi football club”, that is, “my vote is for him until the end”, said the eliminated player.

For the singer, the discomfort with the Bahian started with the first vote and the justification, but he also remembered when they greeted each other for the first time. “There we say, that guy is strange”, said the musician.

“I apologize to Brazil for some reactions that I consider to be rubbish,” said Rodriguinho. The former participant also said that he does not fear cancellation and evaluated his history on the reality show. “No attitude I had in there sums me up,” he pointed out.

Source: Folha

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