Nicole Bahls discovers that Pelé died: ‘Poor, I didn’t know’


The death of the greatest football player of all time happened in December 2022 and made news around the world, but only now has Nicole Bahls discovered that Pelé has died. The model and presenter was shocked by the discovery that occurred during Colônia Bahls, her program available on Multishow’s YouTube.

The ex-panicat led a group called “Who Am I?” with the participation of Zé Vaqueiro, Patrícia Ramos, Samira Close and Lexa. In the game, guests picked up a card and asked questions about the identity of a celebrity. “He’s a man, he’s not a singer and he’s not an actor either. Am I white?” asked Samira Close. “No,” everyone replied. “Am I alive?” the communicator wanted to know.

Nicole, who had faced a problem with the English translation at the last CCXP, was the only one who sent: “Is the King alive?” She was then surprised by the negative response from her bench colleagues. “My God! I didn’t know, no. Tadinho. Seriously? Tadinho, I didn’t know”, she added, making the group laugh.

Pelé died on December 29, 2022, at the age of 82, due to complications from colon cancer, discovered during a routine examination in September 2021.

It didn’t take long for the video to go viral among internet users. On X, formerly Twitter, several users reacted to Nicole’s gaffe. “Having a fit of laughter at the video of Nicole Bahls saying that Pelé is very much alive. For the love of God”, wrote a follower. “Help, Nicole,” added another fan.

Source: Folha

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