BBB 24: Davi says he doesn’t know who Deborah Secco is after the actress’s visit to the reality show


While Beatriz shouted at the top of her lungs the name of Deborah Secco, who made a surprise visit to BBB 24 this Wednesday afternoon (28), Davi shocked his colleagues by claiming he didn’t know who the actress is.

“For me, she was a foreign participant. I looked at her, I had no reaction,” said Davi. On the internet, viewers of the program reacted in different ways: there were those who were shocked, those who distrusted Davi and also those who defended their brother.

“I no longer believed Davi when he said he didn’t know Juliette, and now he doesn’t know Deborah Secco? Spare me! What a joke!”, doubted an internet user on X (Twitter). “Davi works for Uber, doesn’t he have a radio in his car? Doesn’t he see billboards, advertising on the streets?”, asked former BBB member Ana Paula Renault.

“The kid was selling popsicles, water, helping his mother. He wasn’t the one who was calm on TV watching soap operas, no. While you were watching, he was working”, defended a viewer.

It is not the first time that the driver has shocked his confinement colleagues and the reality audience by not knowing Brazilian artists. He also did not know who his former confinement companion Rodriguinho was and did not know Wanessa Camargo’s father, Zezé di Camargo.

Source: Folha

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