Luana Piovani undergoes three aesthetic procedures and celebrates: ‘I had no idea how tired I looked’


Actress Luana Piovani, 47, decided to undergo some aesthetic procedures while visiting Brazil. In a report on social media, she talked about everything she did.

“Finally, I found some time to tell you about the surgery kit. I found the courage to have my varicose vein surgery. I had been postponing the surgery for three years. I got these varicose veins on Dom (firstborn), at the birth of the twins (Bem and Liz) they got worse”, he began.

Luana also put stem cells in her knees, something she says she does every four or five years.

“I also had my eyelids done with a modern laser, so I can’t go in the sun at all. I had no idea how tired my eyes were,” he said on Instagram.

Last week, Luana stated that she is in love, but that she will not marry again “not even if Jesus comes down from heaven”. The actress participated in the PodDelas podcast last Wednesday (22) and “caused” her controversial opinions.

“I won’t marry again even if Jesus comes down from heaven and asks me. Inside the same house, a wet towel on the bed my whole life. I hate it,” he said. She also mentioned what she can’t stand about men at home: “Wave a towel over their hairy ass, watercress area, unbearable smell. The sink is full of short hairs.”

The actress has been dating businessman and photographer Lucas Bitencourt since 2021: “I’m in love. I’m very lucky, born in Brazil, but raised in London. Thank you God, a lord.”

Source: Folha

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