Opinion – Rosana Hermann: Is it serious that Thor Batista will sue whoever called him ugly?


Eike madness! Eike exaggeration! Eike laziness!

These were the three expressions that took over my head when I heard about the latest drama involving the eldest son of Eike Batista and Luma de Oliveira, Thor Batista, now 32 years old, married and father of a little baby.

It was precisely the publication of a photo of Thor, his wife and their baby that triggered a clash of millions, a clash more talked about than Bambam’s fight against Popó. In this case, with Thor in the role of BamBam and Popó represented by all the “zuêra” crowd on social media.

And what was it that led to Thor being knocked out? Reviews. Criticism of your appearance. Comments comparing the image of a hot, muscular playboy, retained in the public’s memory, and the current layout of a peaceful uncle embracing his baldness. And this shock generated a kind of collective cognitive dissonance, when the reality of acts and facts do not correspond to what we imagine, think or believe.

It could have ended there, but the internet thrives on drama. Of exaggerations. Of controversies. And the fun escalated. There was even Tony Tornado alongside Thor Batista, showing that the over 90-year-old singer seems more willing than the former playboy with a third of his age.

Yes, everyone hit this button, that of rapid, premature or unexpected aging. And that must be what bothered Thor, who responded by saying that, when he was young, working out and watching his diet, he had 4% body fat (here I can almost see the reader rolling his eyes at this great feat, this achievement for Humanity).

Of course Thor is not old. He’s only 32 years old. And he is well, happy, financially stable; He shouldn’t take crowded public transport, nor buy in 24 installments or have a R$2 esfiha lunch. But he, his mother, his family, everyone was extremely offended, claiming “attacks on appearance”. I even looked in the Constitution to see if calling ugly violated some basic principle, but I found nothing. And, as far as I know, the Elderly Statute does not affect people born in 1991, like him.

I understand Luma, as a mother, who was outraged by the negative posts about her son’s current look, but then Thor called lawyers to “take legal action against everyone who commented on his appearance”? Serious? Do you swear that, taking in all the family history, all the news involving cars, accidents and arrests, the biggest crime to be highlighted is that he was the victim of “mean comments”? I can not believe. Not even.

Time really passes for everyone. Everyone ages. But along with aging should come maturity. And part of this maturing process is letting go of our ego, our pathological vanity, to the point of not even caring about what people say about our hair — or lack thereof. Maturing also means becoming aware of your privileges and having a minimum of empathy with those who really suffer, with the real victims, those who lose not their hair, but their lives.

Rosana Hermann

Rosana Hermann is a journalist, TV writer since 1983 and content producer.

Source: Folha

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