BBB 22: Eliezer and Natalia kiss on the dance floor


This Thursday morning (17), Eliezer and Natália exchanged tongue kisses and make out on the dance floor of the leader Jade Picon’s party. As they danced to country music together, the atmosphere heated up among the participants of BBB 22 (Globo).

This was not the first time that the brother and sister starred in spicy scenes. At last week’s party, the two had their first kiss in the bedroom in the company of Jessilane and Vinicius. The friends watched the cabin makeout and were impressed by the intensity of the kiss.

Eliezer and Natalia are not close in the game and are not in the same group. Allied with Linn da Quebrada, Jessilane and DG, Natália sleeps in the grunge room while Eliezer shares the lollipop room with Vyni, Brunna Gonçalves, Eslovênia and Laís.

Even with the lack of proximity in the house, the two are intense and never hid their intentions to stay with other participants in BBB 22. In the first week, Natália invested in Rodrigo, but was not reciprocated. She took it out at the first party.

The sister tried to romance Lucas, with whom she is very close. However, the brother ended up having a relationship with Slovenia and stated that he considers Natália as a sister.

Eliezer, on the other hand, had sex with Maria, who ended up leaving the program on Tuesday morning (15) after having attitudes with Natália during the last game of discord that constituted physical aggression, which goes against the program’s rules.

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