BBB 24: Alane talks about fear of the wall with Beatriz: ‘If it’s you and Davi, I’ll leave’


Dancer Alane, 24, confessed to her friend Beatriz, 23, that she is afraid of facing her and Davi, 21, on the next BBB 24 wall. The conversation took place in the early hours of this Saturday (2).

The woman from Pará was surprised to be targeted by the vote of leader Lucas, 30. This is because, according to her, the professor said he considered her. “Say things like, I admire you, I won’t vote for you now,” she told her ally. Both the dancer’s profile and the capoeirista’s profile follow President Lula (PT) on Instagram.

Beatriz also feared the formation of the hot seat imagined by Alane. “If it’s me, you [Alane] and Davi, I’m going to ask Tadeu to take me out through the confessional”, she said. The woman from Pará retorted and told her colleague not to do that.

For the public, Alane’s nomination was expected. Firstly, because Lucas himself expressed this desire to his partners in the house.

Secondly, because he sided with Wanessa and Yasmin, his cabin friends, in the widespread confusion over the loss of stakes that almost took the house to “Tá com nada”.

Davi, Isabelle and Michel are or others pre-walled. The movement made Alane realize a combination of votes that could make her go to the wall with the Bahian and the Brás star.

The dancer’s group managed to orchestrate a fight with just their opponents last week and so they could suffer the same setback next Sunday.

The move by Alane’s allies, known as fairies, eliminated Rodriguinho from the reality show on his birthday and left his colleagues angry.

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Source: Folha

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